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Work Safety

Typically, you will find a variety of warning signs all over a construction site. They are posted there for a number of reasons, one of which is to reduce the industrial accident rate. Another will be to encourage health and safety in the workplace. If you are one of the employees, then you are likely to feel secure knowing that management is thinking of ways to ensure you are protected from harm. However, it is your responsibility to obey them.

So what rules are set in place in industrial companies? One of them would be the wearing of proper and complete gear. Depending on the type of industry, there will be a need for head, foot, eyes and skin protection. For example, goggles and face shields will be provided when welding or cutting with torches. The same things are also given when working with gases and compressed air. Another is the prohibition of alcohol and non-prescription drugs in the workplace. Either of the two can be grounds for disciplinary action or termination. It is also absolutely forbidden that you come to work drunk as you might get into an accident. When the work involves heavy lifting of mechanical devices, it is best that you seek assistance if you are unable to do it on your own. Avoid awkward body postures to avoid injuries; bend forward when carrying large loads to avoid hurting your back. Additionally, it is also crucial that you report any safety defects such as faulty wirings, loose cables or broken doors. They must be attended immediately to prevent further problems.

Similarly, you are also required to observe proper sanitary practices. For example, make sure you wash your hands frequently to avoid contacting any contagious diseases such as a cold or flu. If you happen to be sick, it is best that you stay at home. You will only cause more problems if you end up spreading germs to other employees. Besides, your production will be affected if you do not feel so good or even fit to work. Finally, try not to get stressed out while working. As much as possible, do not get caught in any drama that will occur in the workplace. Keep in mind that anxiety and apprehension can lead to a number of ailments and medical complications.